Whole30: Week Four

Hello Everyone, I FINISHED!!! When you set a goal and achieve it, how amazing do you feel? Then you know what I’m feeling now. Here it is: my journal and log of the final week of my first ever Whole30. It’s amazing how satisfying it feels to complete something like this. There were days when I wanted sugar SO […]

Whole30: Week Three

How does the movie American Sniper relate to Dawns Whole30 Week3? Week 3 Whole30 –    Friends… Some challenges, physically & mentally… The major challenge Week1 was day four when the sugar cravings were out of this world; felt like what addicts must feel like when they crave their drug; OTT obsessed thinking about sugar for hours… […]

Paleo Halloween Treats

BOO! Paleo Halloween Treats for You! Halloween is quickly approaching! Be prepared with healthy treats to please even the pickiest of Trick-or-Treaters. Most people hand out candy for Halloween and let’s face it . . . who wants all that junk and sugar in their house? For those of us who want to give their kids healthier alternatives […]


If you are looking for a fun twist to your breakfast eggs, here’s something you should try. These egg muffins are such a nutritious alternative to the bagels, muffins, and donuts that you may normally grab with your morning coffee. I got this recipe from Deserve Better Fitness. Egg muffins are delicious and easy to […]