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Hiking at Camelback Mountain

Fitness should be fun; so do activity that INSPIRES you. 😁 Bruce and I did a SUPER FUN, challenging, double black diamond hike on Echo Trail at Camelback Mountain. ⛰️🦶🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ A few things: So GLAD I did not know the degree of difficulty prior to, 👍 (I like surprises and this was a GREAT surprise).

Fun Facts about Walnuts

Sharing two interesting facts about walnuts: 🐿️ 1. Walnuts can be consumed as laxatives as they can help against constipation. 💩 2. Walnuts are a key ‘hair food’, as they are an excellent source of biotin, an essential nutrient known to strengthen hair, improve hair growth and reduce hair fall. 🙌👍 Coaching clients all over

jane fonda prime time workout tape

Where It All Started

Where it alllll started for me. Thank You Jane Fonda! 13 years old, in our house with belts and leg warmers. So stylish. Lol I still LOVE fitness, nutrition, WorkingYourBody & WorkinMyBody. Coaching clients all over the U.S.! EVERY Step and EVERY Bite Counts! 949.274.0440


Living in the U.S. we are lucky enough to have so many options for our food choices. As your nutritionist and personal trainer I like to research the new products and share my opinion. #PaleoBakeHouse has a variety of options for treats like donuts, brownies and cookies. What I like about the Paleo nutrition plan

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