Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy

Come try Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy – Laguna Niguel And see how great you feel.  In addition you will be supporting my friend and small business owner!   Lets support each other especially now!!!  (Victoria) People always ask what the difference is between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna!? Well I’m here to share


Look at those smiles; WorkingBodies in CA & WA! Have so many nice things to say about my clients.  They work hard during our sessions; weights, cardio, core and stretching.  Grateful!

WorkYourBody over Zoom

WorkYourBody over Zoom, YES. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of clients digitally during this pandemic and help them reach their goals, including my clients guest, Jenny. (Anita Rick) “I don’t do regular workouts, but do move my body daily. She was very in tune to my needs, especially some areas of


Thank you Working Woman’s Food for the INSPIRATION and guidance on making HEALTHY oven roasted Okra. Turned out delicious. For great MEALS and TIPS follow @workingwomansfood

August Challenge

August is SPECIAL b/c some of us are turning a year older sooo, we need to CELEBRATE that with our capabilities. I took one of the challenges and made changes. See pix. Listen, I know these are challenging, and we’ve been exercising for a long time, so we are STRONG and I believe each one

Now is the time for action!

As a trainer, I’ve pivoted to help my clients reach their goals, and it’s kind words like these that keep me inspired! (My clients have pivoted with me- THANK YOU!) “Dawn Sumerford is an inspirational person and that helps her motivate me to do my best in whatever I’m doing. Especially during these times of

Cottage Cheese

For my folks who love cottage cheese. This is the healthiest cottage cheese I’ve seen as of late.  Thought I would share in case you were interested in something new.  (Found this @wholefoods)

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