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Thought provoking question

VERY FUN, active day. Walked 11,000+ steps with the German shepherds of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. Then, came home and did laps, sit ups and planks at the pool. Finding alternative ways to stay active. I Coach clients all over the U.S. EVERY Step and EVERY Bite Counts! www.WorkingYourBody.com 949.274.0440#Fitness #HealthyLifestyle #GermanShepherdRescue

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Today’s Vibe!

TODAYS VIBE! Mary J. Blige – “My life’s just fine.” It’s actually BETTER than fine! Hope your vibe today is vibrating HIGH! Peloton dance party for me!! EVERY Step and EVERY Bite Counts! 949.274.0440 www.WorkingYourBody.com #Fitness #Exercise #HealthyLifeStyle #Motivation

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