Thank you Working Woman’s Food for the INSPIRATION and guidance on making HEALTHY oven roasted Okra. Turned out delicious. For great MEALS and TIPS follow @workingwomansfood

Cottage Cheese

For my folks who love cottage cheese. This is the healthiest cottage cheese I’ve seen as of late.  Thought I would share in case you were interested in something new.  (Found this @wholefoods)


Did you know Cabbage has an ANTI INFLAMMATORY affect on our bodies?  What a PLUS!  Found this Kimchi this week and it is delish.  Just sharing with y’all in case you want to try something different.

Trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping? SOM is a natural sleep aid and imho is worth trying. Thank u to NicholeRN for sharing this info with us.   (Nichole was on the front lines in Harlem – Covid – and used SOM to get thru her 6wks) cheers to great zzzz’s 


Living in the U.S. we are lucky enough to have so many options for our food choices. As your nutritionist and personal trainer I like to research the new products and share my opinion. #PaleoBakeHouse has a variety of options for treats like donuts, brownies and cookies. What I like about the Paleo nutrition plan

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