Naturopath Doctor

My Naturopath Doctor, Suzanne Tang asked me to present to her clients on “WorkingYourBody through the ages”. Would love to have you join us. It will be fun and I hope to teach you something new. Let me know if you will attend. In health and chi, dawn

Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy

Come try Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy – Laguna Niguel And see how great you feel.  In addition you will be supporting my friend and small business owner!   Lets support each other especially now!!!  (Victoria) People always ask what the difference is between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna!? Well I’m here to share


WYB is all about HELPING people. I adore my clients! I love when they share their stories with me, as it solidifies that I’m truly helping them achieve their goals. I’ve been working with my wonderful client, Mary, and her husband on their fitness goals. Thank you so much Mary for the kind words! If

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