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This is a repost from Stacy Malia Marie’s blog “An Evening of Poor Choices.” Be sure to take a look around Stacy’s blog while you’re there.

I was so grateful to Drunk Elephant for kick starting my Cruelty-Free Contest last winter, they donated an entire sampler basket of their top selling products to help the cause. And I am all about gratitude. I am so grateful to companies like Pinrose and Drunk Elephant, for not only spreading the word with their generous gifts, but truly LIVING the Cruelty-Free mission and incorporating healthier human ingredients in their products too! I was planning to re-visit a Cruelty-Free Contest for my Pinrose giveaway, but the winner came to me quite synchronously. This is where I hand over the writing reigns, and let her gratitude shine. ?

Dawn’s Drunken Story

“Believe what you’re reading in magazines and social media!

I’ve tried many a product with lil’ success. Then, when I saw my friend John’s skin glowing, of course I asked what his secret was. He told me Drunk Elephant. So, we made a deal. When I was done using up my “other” products, I would go full force with Drunk Elephant and document it.


I’m really excited to see how my skin improves. I will also use this regimen on my décolleté.”

D R U N K E L E P H A N T Diary 12/26/17

John suggested this regimen & I️ will follow it to the tee:

Day = 2 pumps C-Firma + 1 Pump B-Hydra + 1 Pump Lala (or 3 drops Marula)

Night = 2 pumps TLC + 1 Pump B-Hydra + 1 Pump Lala (or 3 drops Marula)

Then once a week, 4 Pumps Baby facial on dry, clean skin…leave for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and apply Marula Oil. He said it was like magic and again, he is right.

Drunk Elephant diary

12/17/17: Day 1 selfie at 12noon, no make-up and in natural light. Did the “day regimen”.

12/18/17: Day 2. Last night I did the once a week 4 Pumps Baby facial on dry, clean skin…and left it for 20 minutes, rinsed thoroughly and applied Marula Oil.

When I washed my face this morning, my skin felt so good! I did my morning DE ritual and added my sunscreen.

12/21/17: I received a compliment from a girlfriend about how great my skin looks…..she does not know I’m using DE. ?

12/26/17: I’ve done the mask once. I missed 12/24 because of the holiday, so I will do it tonight.

01/08/18: Sunday night I did my Baby facial and Marula Oil.

Took this photo on Monday 01/09/18 – it’s raining today. Each photo is sans make up.

Drunk Elephant diary

01/14/18: Sunday night, I did my Baby facial and Marula Oil.

01/26/18: The “crepey” skin on my neck has gone away. This morning, as I was feeling my neck, I was in disbelief. Hallelujah! ?

01/29/18: Monday in Maui so, I did my Baby facial at 6:45pm and will take a photo next Sunday. I don’t have my pink robe or white head band and I want all photos to be the same. So far this weather, and the holiday in Maui, is good for my skin.

02/04/18: I did my Baby facial at 7:30pm, then followed up with Marula Oil. Will take the picture tomorrow.

02/05/18: I took my updated photo:

Drunk Elephant diary

I try to take my photos consistently, in the early afternoon, each time.

02/06/18: I cannot believe my pores! They aren’t tiny yet, BUT, they are SMALLER!! So grateful to “the elephant”.

02/12/18: 1:00pm, applied Baby facial for the week. I learned today that I am only supposed to use Beste soap once a day, and it should be at night. I’ve been using it morning and night. ? Will change my regimen tomorrow morning.

02/15/18: Pekee Bar!!! What a concept! Wash your hair with a soap bar?!? ? It WORKS. Incredible. This is another situation where I need to finish my “old” shampoo before completely committing to Pekee for my hair.

02/18/18: Turned out to be a busy day, so I did not do my Baby facial. ?

02/25/18: BABYFACIAL day. I missed last week so I’m extra excited for today’s facial.

03/11/18: I ran out of C-Firma on 02/26 (I just placed my order for more…it’ll be two weeks with no C-Firma ? It IS amazing the difference it makes. (See photo from today versus photo from 02/05).

Drunk Elephant diary

Another thing I realized is, for the last month, I have forgotten the Marula Oil after the Baby facial. I use Marula Oil at least once per week after the evening regimen. So today, I remembered ?Baby facial THEN Marula Oil ?Today’s photo reflects Baby facial and Marula Oil. (Side note – When I heard about Protini, I added that to my regimen).

03/23/18: Going out of town so I did my Baby facial today. I bought and will be using my “Littles” on vacation.

03/29/18: Home from Nashville and using my Baby facial to get my skin back to clear, clean and smooth.

04/21/18: Gosh. I didn’t realize I’ve been absent from keeping my log. I’ve been on point for my DE regimen, including my baby-facial 1 time a week. I actually did it two times in one week (with permission from my DE expert John ?‍?) and I just love how Baby facial smooths everything out from color to texture.

04/23/18: Another compliment from my girlfriend who is ALL ABOUT skin care…she told me my skin looks great. ?

Drunk Elephant diary

05/08/18: Had company the last two weekends and forgot to document my DE Baby facial. But I have been given the go ahead to use Baby facial twice a week if I’d like. ?

Dawn’s Drunken Lesson

I appreciate the fact that I am using products that are “good” for my skin. I am all about health. (WorkingYourBody.com & FengShuiByDawn.com)

So, everywhere I can, I want to use and take in the best ingredients. Since the skin is the largest organ in our body, I feel it is important to have a well-planned care regimen to treat it well.

My pore size has reduced, and the color of my skin is more vibrant than ever before. I feel comfortable leaving the house without a “base” cover up. I just LOVE the way my skin feels and looks.

All in all, so grateful for a new, HEALTHY product for my skin and the results it has given me. I am a Drunk Elephant fan for life!!!

In health and chi,

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