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8 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Sad or Anxious

Let’s face it . . . Summer can be just as stressful as any other time of the year. There are lots of ways to stay calm and relaxed when you start to feel a little overwhelmed.  Here are 8 things I like to do if I’m feeling sad or anxious.

  1. Walk outside – Fresh air is the best for reconnecting with nature and getting some exercise too!
  2. Call my bestie – A friendly voice is sometimes all I need to hear
  3. Do something sweet for a stranger or friend – It always feels good to help another person
  4. Lift weights – Exercise & #WorkingYourBody is my go to mood lifter
  5. Pet my kitties –  Instantly calms me and makes me stop and relax
  6. Clean something – It takes my mind off of anything that’s bothering me.  I put on some tunes and get in my zone.
  7. Find something to give away – Clearing clutter in my house helps me clear the clutter in my brain.  An added bonus is feeling good about giving something away instead of putting it in the trash.
  8. Write and mail a card or note – Escaping from my electronics (phone, computer etc…) and writing a short note or letter to a friend or relative helps slow me down.  Plus, I know how happy people are to receive a special letter in the mail.

I hope some of my ideas help you next time you’re feeling sad or anxious.

Would love to hear your favorite things to do to stay calm.  Please feel free to comment below.

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