man and woman hiking

Hiking at Camelback Mountain

Fitness should be fun; so do activity that INSPIRES you. 😁

Bruce and I did a SUPER FUN, challenging, double black diamond hike on Echo Trail at Camelback Mountain.


A few things:

So GLAD I did not know the degree of difficulty prior to, πŸ‘ (I like surprises and this was a GREAT surprise).

We were well hydrated – before, during & after πŸ’§,

We had great sleep 😴 the night before,

It was easier to go UP ⬆️ than come down ⬇️. Coming down was alot of scrambling which was FUN, and finally;

Never felt like quitting but did need a couple breaks. πŸ™Œ

Get out there and ENJOY YOUR FITNESS!


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