magic spoon cereal

Magic Spoon

Cereal lovers; have you tried this cereal – Magic Spoon Cereal🎩

Luckily, I am surrounded by people who share products with me.  🙌🏻 I had never heard of this cereal brand. Frankly, I haven’t had cereal in years.  My neighbor gifted me this box.  I head to buy almond milk and greek yogurt at the grocery store to try the cereal in both.  I like the greek yogurt option better.

Yes, its expensive…but I’d rather pay for good “Healthy” products than pay for being sick…👍🏻

Magicspoon offers other flavors.  😛

Check out their website.

P.s.  I am not being paid or sponsored to advertise for this company.  I am just sharing new products with you as your coach. 


☎️ 949.274.0440#healthyoptions #cereal #EVERYBiteCounts!™️

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