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BOO! Paleo Halloween Treats for You!

Halloween is quickly approaching! Be prepared with healthy treats to please even the pickiest of Trick-or-Treaters. Most people hand out candy for Halloween and let’s face it . . . who wants all that junk and sugar in their house? For those of us who want to give their kids healthier alternatives this season, I’ve prepared a list of paleo-friendly goodies. Here are some paleo halloween treat options that both children and adults are sure to enjoy!  Most of these items can be found last minute at your local grocery store or farmer’s market:

(look for brands labeled non-GMO and/or organic and make sure to read all labels carefully)

1.  Honey sticks – these usually come in flavors from regular honey to raspberry

2.  Mini dried coconut strip packets

3.  Individually packaged fruit strips – also known as fruit leather

4.  Mandarins – you can draw on them with permanent black markers to make them mini Jack-o-lanterns!

5.  Small packs of trail mix – try to find ones with only dried fruit and nuts

6.  All natural, mini, real fruit juice boxes

7.  Mini packets of all natural potato/vegetable chips – look for low sodium

8.  Small packages of dried seaweed

9.  Organic lollipops

10.  Mini boxes of all natural raisins

Here’s to a healthy Halloween and feeling good about what your goblins are gobbling.


Happy Halloween!

EVERY Step & EVERY Bite Counts!™


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