Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy

Come try Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy – Laguna Niguel

And see how great you feel. 

In addition you will be supporting my friend and small business owner!   Lets support each other especially now!!!  (Victoria)

People always ask what the difference is between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna!? Well I’m here to share ♨️ While steam saunas utilize water vapor to heat the air around the body Infrared Saunas actually heat the body from the inside out ❤️ While steam saunas do work to remove toxins from the body, being able to get all the way into the core of the body is something only Infrared can do! Therefore you have more dramatic results when it comes to detoxification, cell health and regeneration, inflammation, and so much more! ♨️ Call us today to ask about an Introductory stretch and Infrared sauna session for $19.95 for first time clients.
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