After the birth of my last child, I injured my back playing volleyball and pretty much had ceased all physical activity. I had been thinking about getting in better shape for almost two years. Being a physical therapist I knew how important it was to be physically fit, but was at a loss as to where I would fit it in. I was trying to balance having a little one at home, running a household and working a full-time career.

Prior to meeting Dawn, I had visited a gym and almost succumbed to their pressure techniques to join. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t go too far from home to work out; it just wasn’t convenient. A friend was mentioning how he was working out with Dawn and had great success with weight loss and fitness. I decided to see if working out with a personal trainer would work for me.

Dawn has made a significant difference in my fitness level and body weight. She individualized my exercise program to meet my needs, especially since I was experiencing problems with my back. I have seen an increase in my core strength that has allowed me to resume playing tennis. Two of my goals for this coming year are to resume playing volleyball and to go skiing. These activities would have been impossible without Dawn’s expertise in designing an effective exercise program, encouraging me through the tough times and helping me persevere.

I highly recommend Dawn to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life through proper nutrition and fitness.

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