Dear Dawn,

I wanted to write you a referral letter after you assisted me in training for my wedding day. As you know, I was initially very hesitant to spend the money for a personal trainer when I was trying so hard to save money for the wedding and honeymoon. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire you as my personal trainer.

You offered so much more then I thought, and I had such a great experience. I never really thought of myself as someone who would use a personal trainer, but I really wanted to look great for my wedding. I had never lifted weights before and didn’t know anything about lifting weights other than the fact that you could injure yourself if you didn’t know what you were doing. I decided that I really needed someone to help me. I researched a couple of trainers online and was very impressed when I called and spoke with you.

You were great at training sessions, very motivating and friendly but not overly fake or perky. You were also very non-judgmental, which I greatly appreciated. When you took my body measurements I never felt embarrassed or like you were appalled at my level of fitness. You were very supportive and professional. You explained exercises very clearly and went over anything I had a question about. You also pushed me to do more than I thought I could. I hired you just to assist me with weight training, but you checked in on my cardio routine, and showed me that my normal routine had gotten a little stale and was far too easy for me. You offered suggestions and tips to get more out of my cardio and tips on eating healthier, as well.

Unfortunately, I relocated out of state before we could finish our training sessions, but I left California very confident that I could pick up where we left off. In addition, you offered to answer any questions, or help me in any way that you could via email or phone after I moved.

Overall, I had a very positive experience being one of your clients. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was interested in getting in better physical condition. You were great to work with, and it was obvious that you cared and truly enjoyed what you were doing.

Thanks again!

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