Before training with Dawn, I wanted a leaner, fitter and toned body, but had no idea how to accomplish this being a complete novice to fitness and exercise. Three years since our first session, Dawn has taught me why it is so important to keep in shape … and that the “fit bod” is just a trophy for the hard work it takes to establish a healthy body and mind. I say hard work, which it is, but an hour goes by so fast when training with her because she keeps workouts fresh and fun and has a great personality. Dawn must know hundreds upon hundreds of different exercises so you never get bored and it’s never the same routine. Her extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition is beyond inspirational. Dawn is dedicated to her clients and she’s a fun person to be around. She has become more to me than a trainer; she is a good friend and someone I truly look up to. I have become so much stronger and have developed an athletic ability I never knew I had.

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