Dawn Sumerford has been our personal trainer for over 7 years. She has guided us through knee surgery, torn Achillies heel muscle, various physical problems, and the ups and downs with our commitment to make time to take care of ourselves.  She always stresses what is safe but can push us when we need it … and we do need it.

Her credentials are impressive, and she is always innovative in ways to motivate, strengthen and help. As a nutritionist, she coached us through the Whole 30 Program. It wasn’t easy initially to commit to, but once we did, she was always right there right when we needed encouragement. And the results were great. It’s a delicious way to eat and to stay healthy. We just may do it again.

She is wise beyond her years and gives me such pertinent and patient advice when I ask for it and, after 7 years, sometimes when I don’t. This is a gift from her to me! It’s a genuine pleasure to work with her and a true joy to know her.

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