Dawn Sumerford is the ultimate trainer/nutritionist. I’ve been training with her for almost two years. She is a ray of sunshine that shows up on time and is always ready to WorkMyBody. She motivates and inspires me to be my BEST, whatever it may be that day! Time with her flies as she is creative with all my workouts; I’m never looking at the clock. She mixes the perfect strength, cardio, balance and heavy weights to each workout. I have noticed significant changes in my body, my posture and my attitude. When I’m traveling I have her create workouts that I can follow on my own. I can still hear her amazing, positive attitude pushing me even when she isn’t with me. She’s also great at training two at a time. She trained my 15-year-old nephew and me, making it fun and challenging for both of us. I’m so grateful to have found her!

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