I had the pleasure of working with Dawn Sumerford once a week for three years. Without question it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I am an athletic man moving past middle age and I have always exercised in spurts but found it hard to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Dawn became my motivator and without question, she influenced my muscular, cardiovascular, and mental health, not only during our workouts, but kept me going between workouts. Dawn contacted me often and consistently after and between workouts to check on my well being and to motivate me to keep working. Over the last three years I managed to do a good work out averaging more than every other day. My body fat dropped by about a third. My muscle tone, endurance and physical appearance improved drastically. I only stopped working with Dawn because we moved out of state. Looking for a good trainer, like looking for a good doctor, is often a matter of luck, but when you find one, you know it, and Dawn is truly one worth finding.

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