I recently started working out with Dawn and have been very pleased with my 30 minutes workouts. I am a busy professional with not much time on my hands. Dawn tailors the exercises to fit your individual needs; they are efficient, straight to the point and they really work. My body is definitely feeling stronger and shaping up with just a few sessions in. In addition, Dawn’s personality rocks – she is super humble, genuine, very motivating, energetic, inspiring, and amazingly driven. Thank you Dawn for your expertise and good energy.

Cristiana Stan

Garrett A.

Claire F

Caroline P

Dawn was great. I don’t do regular workouts but do move my body daily. She was very in tune to my needs, especially some areas of soreness and pain that I needed to avoid. It’s always nice when someone cares about you and your goals. I would highly recommend the personalized attention Dawn provides to help you be healthy and meet your needs to be in shape. She even works on balance and mental abilities having you count by 5s, 4s, and more while working out. It is an extra challenge that is great as we begin to get older. I did this workout on Zoom and still felt like it was very personalized. Oh, and I broke a very good sweat with mostly strength training and a little cardio.

Jenny W.

I do virtual workouts via ZOOM with Dawn now that I am living in Chicago – and still LOVE her and her workouts. Her workouts are challenging and (dare I say) fun. 🙂 She challenges me each week to achieve new personal bests and shares in the excitement when I do. Dawn is just an awesome person who genuinely cares about everyone. I cannot say enough about her and highly recommend her for anyone looking for GREAT personal training!!

Jacqlyn M.

Dawn’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and hard work are contagious and inspiring. Every one of her workouts is unique, creative, and productive. Dawn always asks how your body is doing and takes that in to account when designing your workout for you. She knows how to listen and adapt the plan to fit your mind and body that day. With Dawn it goes beyond just the physical workout. She also works with you on your nutrition, mental health, and attitude in a very inspirational way.

Brett A.

Dawn is such a positive motivating person. She is a joy to train with. She comes up with personalized workouts for each individual. Always inspiring you to push yourself. I enjoy our daily and monthly challenges we do together.

Michelle M.

Dawn Sumerford is an inspirational person and that helps her motivate me to do my best in whatever I’m doing. Especially during these times of physical separation, or whatever you want to call it, she uses technology to always keep that personal connection with every workout. But her workouts are more than physical. She always looks at me as “the whole person”. She is insightful and inquisitive and figures out what might be holding me back. Through her thoughtful, humanistic approach, she addresses the mind, body and soul and helps keep me doing my best…whatever that may be. I find myself leaning into her suggestions and coaching in many areas of my life, not just physical exercise! I’m so grateful I get to WMB (“Work My Body”) with Dawn!

John P.

I would like to speak out for Dawn Sumerford. She has been a personal trainer for  my husband and me for the past 10 years.

Dawn is a terrific personal trainer plus being a terrific person.

She is very knowledgeable about “training” and knows how to adjust for the person’s health, age, body size, and the list goes on.

She is encouraging, and yet knows how to challenge you without stressing the workout. And makes it fun besides.

I feel fortunate and healthy because of Dawn. It is a privilege to have her as my “coach”.


Mary Allen

I had the pleasure of working with Dawn Sumerford once a week for three years. Without question it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I am an athletic man moving past middle age and I have always exercised in spurts but found it hard to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Dawn became my motivator and without question, she influenced my muscular, cardiovascular, and mental health, not only during our workouts, but kept me going between workouts. Dawn contacted me often and consistently after and between workouts to check on my well being and to motivate me to keep working. Over the last three years I managed to do a good work out averaging more than every other day. My body fat dropped by about a third. My muscle tone, endurance and physical appearance improved drastically. I only stopped working with Dawn because we moved out of state. Looking for a good trainer, like looking for a good doctor, is often a matter of luck, but when you find one, you know it, and Dawn is truly one worth finding.

Dr. Tom Garite

Dawn Sumerford is an essential part of our health and well-being.  Not only does she create challenging and richly varied workout sessions for us, but she encourages us to make exercise and a healthy diet part of our daily routine.  She motivates us to do our best …… as she always tells us: “you don’t want to cheat yourselves”. With her help, we feel like we are in better shape now than we were five years ago. If you’re serious about your improving your health, Dawn would be a perfect partner.

Mary and Dick Allen

Dawn Sumerford is the ultimate trainer/nutritionist. I’ve been training with her for almost two years. She is a ray of sunshine that shows up on time and is always ready to WorkMyBody. She motivates and inspires me to be my BEST, whatever it may be that day! Time with her flies as she is creative with all my workouts; I’m never looking at the clock. She mixes the perfect strength, cardio, balance and heavy weights to each workout. I have noticed significant changes in my body, my posture and my attitude. When I’m traveling I have her create workouts that I can follow on my own. I can still hear her amazing, positive attitude pushing me even when she isn’t with me. She’s also great at training two at a time. She trained my 15-year-old nephew and me, making it fun and challenging for both of us. I’m so grateful to have found her!


Dawn Sumerford has been our personal trainer for over 7 years. She has guided us through knee surgery, torn Achillies heel muscle, various physical problems, and the ups and downs with our commitment to make time to take care of ourselves.  She always stresses what is safe but can push us when we need it … and we do need it.

Her credentials are impressive, and she is always innovative in ways to motivate, strengthen and help. As a nutritionist, she coached us through the Whole 30 Program. It wasn’t easy initially to commit to, but once we did, she was always right there right when we needed encouragement. And the results were great. It’s a delicious way to eat and to stay healthy. We just may do it again.

She is wise beyond her years and gives me such pertinent and patient advice when I ask for it and, after 7 years, sometimes when I don’t. This is a gift from her to me! It’s a genuine pleasure to work with her and a true joy to know her.

Linda Bailey

Before training with Dawn, I wanted a leaner, fitter and toned body, but had no idea how to accomplish this being a complete novice to fitness and exercise. Three years since our first session, Dawn has taught me why it is so important to keep in shape … and that the “fit bod” is just a trophy for the hard work it takes to establish a healthy body and mind. I say hard work, which it is, but an hour goes by so fast when training with her because she keeps workouts fresh and fun and has a great personality. Dawn must know hundreds upon hundreds of different exercises so you never get bored and it’s never the same routine. Her extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition is beyond inspirational. Dawn is dedicated to her clients and she’s a fun person to be around. She has become more to me than a trainer; she is a good friend and someone I truly look up to. I have become so much stronger and have developed an athletic ability I never knew I had.

Jacqlyn Medina

Dear Dawn,

I wanted to write you a referral letter after you assisted me in training for my wedding day. As you know, I was initially very hesitant to spend the money for a personal trainer when I was trying so hard to save money for the wedding and honeymoon. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire you as my personal trainer.

You offered so much more then I thought, and I had such a great experience. I never really thought of myself as someone who would use a personal trainer, but I really wanted to look great for my wedding. I had never lifted weights before and didn’t know anything about lifting weights other than the fact that you could injure yourself if you didn’t know what you were doing. I decided that I really needed someone to help me. I researched a couple of trainers online and was very impressed when I called and spoke with you.

You were great at training sessions, very motivating and friendly but not overly fake or perky. You were also very non-judgmental, which I greatly appreciated. When you took my body measurements I never felt embarrassed or like you were appalled at my level of fitness. You were very supportive and professional. You explained exercises very clearly and went over anything I had a question about. You also pushed me to do more than I thought I could. I hired you just to assist me with weight training, but you checked in on my cardio routine, and showed me that my normal routine had gotten a little stale and was far too easy for me. You offered suggestions and tips to get more out of my cardio and tips on eating healthier, as well.

Unfortunately, I relocated out of state before we could finish our training sessions, but I left California very confident that I could pick up where we left off. In addition, you offered to answer any questions, or help me in any way that you could via email or phone after I moved.

Overall, I had a very positive experience being one of your clients. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was interested in getting in better physical condition. You were great to work with, and it was obvious that you cared and truly enjoyed what you were doing.

Thanks again!

Sara Seely

After the birth of my last child, I injured my back playing volleyball and pretty much had ceased all physical activity. I had been thinking about getting in better shape for almost two years. Being a physical therapist I knew how important it was to be physically fit, but was at a loss as to where I would fit it in. I was trying to balance having a little one at home, running a household and working a full-time career.

Prior to meeting Dawn, I had visited a gym and almost succumbed to their pressure techniques to join. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t go too far from home to work out; it just wasn’t convenient. A friend was mentioning how he was working out with Dawn and had great success with weight loss and fitness. I decided to see if working out with a personal trainer would work for me.

Dawn has made a significant difference in my fitness level and body weight. She individualized my exercise program to meet my needs, especially since I was experiencing problems with my back. I have seen an increase in my core strength that has allowed me to resume playing tennis. Two of my goals for this coming year are to resume playing volleyball and to go skiing. These activities would have been impossible without Dawn’s expertise in designing an effective exercise program, encouraging me through the tough times and helping me persevere.

I highly recommend Dawn to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life through proper nutrition and fitness.

Sherri Tong, CEO
Licensed Physical Therapist

I just want you to know how grateful I am for the personal touch of kindness when encouraging me “onward.” So many times I would have made excuses to not get out of the house for an exercise class! What an “aha” moment for me to see my previous behavior! Excuses!! You have made it so easy and convenient by coming to my home, and I appreciate the privacy factor. Thank you, thank you for helping me on this journey to better health and physicality.


I recently started working out with Dawn and have been very pleased with my 30 minutes workouts. I am a busy professional with not much time on my hands. Dawn tailors the exercises to fit your individual needs; they are efficient, straight to the point and they really work. My body is definitely feeling stronger and shaping up with just a few sessions in. In addition, Dawn’s personality rocks — she is super humble, genuine, very motivating, energetic, inspiring, and amazingly driven. Thank you, Dawn, for your expertise and good energy.

Cristiana Stan, RN, MSN, PHN, Facility Administrator
Royal Residential Care For Elderly

The impact you have had on my mom so far is so positive. I want you to know what a difference you are making in all our lives. The few meetings you have had have been so beneficial already. Thank you again.

Stephany Knox

Thank you so much for the gift certificate for a spa treatment at my favorite place! I’m really excited to go and enjoy a massage. I’m really grateful for you helpingme achieve my March goals of 60 PR’s and 60 I-planks! It makes me feel strong and accomplished. Thanks, too, for the awesome card! Cheers to moving forward!


Dawn is one of the most motivating and happiest people I know. She motivated me to start working out in my early 20’s and 25 years later I am still going strong thanks to her! She is very creative in her workouts, which makes working out fun and not boring. Also, her positive outlook on life always gives me that extra energy to work harder.

Rita Hoch Marcher

Great day. Bike ride to the beach and back-About 6-7 miles, good ride. It’s SO great to have my life back. Thank you Dawn for being my coach.

Janet Royal

Dawn is an AMAZING personal trainer! She is so motivational and energetic, she is always thinking outside the box and coming up with creative work outs. I love my sessions with Dawn, her happy spirit is contagious.

Michelle Mealey Roussel

Dawn rocks! Whether she is working with me in-person, giving support by phone or sending informative and on-target texts, Dawn provides the expert training and encouragement that I need. I recommend her enthusiastically and without hesitation. She’s taught me well–Every Bite and Every Step Count!

Jerry Oksner

Dawn is a professional personal trainer. She comes prepared with your workout and a positive attitude! With her many years of experience in the fitness industry, she can modify a specific exercise or the entire workout. I have found that I have achieved my best results physically while working with a trainer and I enjoy Dawn’s approach and style!

Cathy Mantyla
Owner at Baker Party Rentals

Thanks to you, Dawn. After only 3 months, I feel better, I’ve lost 12 pounds, and I’m in much better shape.

Dick Allen

I had the great privilege of having Dawn as my trainer. Being in Dawn’s presence inspired me to do well, push harder, get out of my comfort zone, and never quit. Dawn transformed my body into a tone, lean, and strong force. She changed my entire outlook on working out. Every session with Dawn was like a work of art of the mind, body and soul. I highly recommend Dawn as your next trainer. Weather you want to loose weight, build muscle, challenge your mind, or all of the above, look no further because Dawn is your girl!!


Sharon Gerstein
dawn stretching

EVERY Step & EVERY Bite Counts!™

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