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Hello Everyone,

I FINISHED!!! When you set a goal and achieve it, how amazing do you feel? Then you know what I’m feeling now. Here it is: my journal and log of the final week of my first ever Whole30. It’s amazing how satisfying it feels to complete something like this. There were days when I wanted sugar SO BADLY, dairy wasn’t as difficult for me but, alcohol well, let’s just say I enjoy my skinny Margi’s or white wine after a long day of work. BUTstaying strong through the transformation was so worth it. My exercise routine stayed the same. Six to seven days per week I WorkedMyBody. Being Paleo prior to the Whole30 “helped”… and yes, believe you me, it was still difficult. By eliminating the dairy, sugar and alcohol for the solid thirty days assisted my body in shedding four pounds. For me, this was more a mental journal, not a weight loss journey.

What were some of the biggest things that changed for me?

My sugar intake has decreased immensely. If I add sugar to coffee now, I use fresh home grown honey (great for our health). If I add sugar to tea, it’s a half pack now versus one-plus packets before. I am satisfied with a few bites of dessert instead of the entire dessert. The Whole30 really “showed” me how my body reacts to processed sugar…that “high” they talk about kids getting all the time after eating candy. Well, that would happen to me. I would “spike” and be a crazy energetic person, then crash. If this was happening to me, as a full blown adult, imagine what kind of stimulation our young kids are having when they eat sugar. I have actually witnessed this with my own very eyes. Parents give kids a sugary/processed something and voila: within minutes the kids are going bananas. They get all crazy, and that was in a sense happening to me. What it taught me is to PAY ATTENTION. If sugar affected me this way, imagine how it affects children’s bodies when they are a quarter to a third the size of me. Ok, off that soap box.

I used to chew gum all the time.  Since Whole30 I might chew a piece every few months. Weird how that happened. I have found fun ways (any one zoodle?) to cook veggies and make “sinful” foods a healthier way (like pizza, cookies, etc.). Fresh fruit tastes sweet now whereas before it had little taste. Then there was sleep…talk about LOGS…seriously, my sleep changed. I slept pretty good before but, because of Whole30, I hit the bed and I become a log and have deep, sound sleep. Incredible!!!! I am a woman who does get affected by my monthly period (cravings and irritations) but, since Whole30 these issues are a tenth of what they used to be. Halle’flippen lujuh!

Ok friends, now you know my challenges and the rewards of my Whole30 experience. I hope sharing my journey with you will offer you a new perspective on Whole30. I encourage you to DO IT. It’s a serious challenge but, a challenge that will change your life!

I’m happy to answer any questions, help guide you, share recipes, etc. Contact me on my website WorkingYourBody.com or Tweet me. 

Cheers to you and, keep WorkingThatBody!


Week 4


Sunday – Day 1


Breakfast was made up of coffee with coconut cream with a cinnamon stick, an apple and almond butter.

I had a coconut cream Lara Bar, kombucha, and paleo almond crackers for lunch.

I went for a 1.4 mile jog and lifted weights.

Dinner was meatballs, babaganoosh, celery, carrots, guacamole, and kombucha.

I had a great day! I loved my dinner.


Monday – Day 2


I had coffee with coconut cream with a cinnamon stick, eggs and sausage, and a Lara Bar for breakfast.

I jogged for 1.4 miles.

Lunch consisted of a Lara Bar and iced tea.

For dinner I had bacon, almond butter, chicken fingers cooked in avocado oil and coconut flour, and paleo almond crackers.

I had a stomach ache from the garlic and onions in last night’s dinner, but no sugar cravings!


Tuesday – Day 3


Breakfast was a coffee with coconut cream with a cinnamon stick, almond butter, strawberries, almonds, and tea.

I worked on upper body and core.

For lunch I had strawberries, almond butter, almonds, and tea.

Dinner was made up of chicken strips (leftovers) and an avocado.

I had a tiny sugar craving this afternoon. I discovered that I can drink coffee in the afternoon and still have a good night sleep now. This is new for me.


Wednesday – Day 4


I had coffee with coconut cream with a cinnamon stick, a Lara Bar, almonds with almond butter for breakfast.

I walked on the beach for 40 minutes.

Lunch was bacon and avocado.

For dinner I had more bacon, paleo crackers, an apple with almond butter, a banana, and a Lara Bar.

I’ve felt slightly bloated for the last couple days, so I didn’t drink kombucha today. I felt good otherwise.


Thursday – Day 5


For breakfast, I had a Lara Bar, almond butter, an apple, almonds, and coffee with coconut cream.

I lifted weights today.

Lunch was made up of cantaloupe, and a twice backed sweet potato with ghee.

I had Deviled eggs for dinner.

I felt great today and had no cravings.


Friday – Day 6


Breakfast consisted of coffee with coconut cream, two Lara Bars with almond butter, almonds, and cantaloupe.

I jogged for 37 minutes.

For lunch I had tea, tuna, veggies, strawberries, and another Lara Bar with almond butter.

I had a Lara Bar with almond butter for dinner.

I felt lighter and healthy today.


Saturday – Day 7


For breakfast I had coffee with coconut cream, a Lara Bar, eggs and bacon, a salad, and tea.

I jogged for three miles.

Lunch consisted of kombucha, avocado, and walnuts.

I had a Lara Bar with almond butter for dinner.

I noticed that fruits tasted sweeter to me today. I had a mild sugar craving still, which means I was eating more sugar than I realized before I started Whole30. It was all too easy to eat sugar because it is in so many processed foods and drinks. I’m so glad to appreciate the natural sugar of fruits now.


Almost done! Last couple days!


Sunday – (2nd to last day)


For breakfast I had a Lara Bar, and almond butter with half a banana.

I had paleo crackers and kombucha for lunch.

I did a sixty minute spin class.

Dinner was grilled chicken with Sun Dried tomatoes.

Today I felt lean, strong, and I had no cravings.


Monday – (last day…is it really here? Amazing.)


Breakfast was a Lara Bar with almond butter, almonds, an apple, another Lara Bar two hours later, almond butter, tea, and coffee with coconut cream, vanilla and cinnamon.

For lunch I had Curry chicken over spaghetti squash, and coffee with coconut cream, vanilla and cinnamon.

Lastly, I had bacon for dinner.

Woohoo! I completed the Whole30! I went a whole 30 days without sugar, dairy, and alcohol. NO crap food. I was 83% paleo before so, I felt a little ahead of the Whole30 curve. So, to cut out sugar, dairy, and alcohol, is yes, HARD, but so WORTH IT! I feel so grateful, accomplished, and deeply satisfied. My heart to yours, there is so much more to completing a Whole30. If you want to take your body, your mind, your life to the NEXT LEVEL, this is one good way to do it!

Thank you, Vets and the movie, American Sniper for your inspiration. You got me through this!!!

EVERY Step & EVERY Bite Counts!™


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