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How does the movie American Sniper relate to Dawns Whole30 Week3?

Week 3 Whole30 – 


Friends… Some challenges, physically & mentally… The major challenge Week1 was day four when the sugar cravings were out of this world; felt like what addicts must feel like when they crave their drug; OTT obsessed thinking about sugar for hours… Being a woman, turns out, it was due to my period arriving the “next” day.  Can I tell you how GREAT I felt that day when I woke up and was STILL ON the Whole30 because I stuck to my promise to myself… I am going to do this!!!

So, Week3…What is my body going to share with me this week…we’ll, Headaches?  I know… I will tell you, I am not a person who gets headaches typically.  Sadly, I’ve had a couple since starting…is it because I’m off addictive foods?  Time will tell.  I just rode them out, did not take anything… And, my appetite has been playing games with me going from very hungry to not hungry at all.  Sadly, still craving sugar BUT, the cravings are getting less intense and, I’m fantasizing about what I’m going to eat on day “31”….a TINY percent of my soul wonders, “how am I going to last til the end?” and what keeps me going is; our VETS… Yes, our Vets… I watched American Sniper in January and when I feel weak, all I think about is that movie and how our Vets sacrifice SO much…and, if I can not go without certain food items for 30 solid days, then I am a wuss… and I wasn’t raised as a wuss.  I have been lucky to eat when I want to eat my whole life… so, the lesson is “NOT EATING” what I want to eat all the time… again, if our Vets sacrifice ALL they do for us, the least I can do is sacrifice 30 measly days… Our Vets KEEP ME GOING!!!




Sunday – Day 1


Breakfast was made up of  coffee with coconut cream, bacon, and tea.

For lunch I had an apple with almond butter, and guacamole with carrots and celery.

I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill, jogged 1.3 of those miles, and lifted 20 lbs. weights.

Dinner was a pot roast and veggies, almond butter with a banana and cocao nibs.

I felt pretty good today, and I didn’t have much of an appetite.


Monday – Day 2


For breakfast, I had coffee with coconut cream and a Lara Bar.

I walked to the grocery store, and worked on my upper body and core.

Lunch was made up of almond butter with coconut oil and cocao chips, paleo crackers, and kombucha.

Dinner was a spinach arugula, mushroom, tomato, avocado and bacon salad, and a Lara Bar.

I was craving sugar between 12:00-4:00pm.


Tuesday – Day 3


Breakfast consisted of coffee with coconut cream, vanilla, and cinnamon, an apple with almond butter, strawberries, and kombucha.

I worked on my legs for 50 minutes and walked around the block.

Lunch was a Lara Bar, strawberries, almond butter, ground meat and home-made paleo crackers.

For dinner, I had seared ahi tuna, half a baked potato, almond butter with cocao nibs and coconut oil, and an all natural soda.

The sugar cravings were not strong today.


Wednesday – Day 4


I had coffee with coconut cream, vanilla and cinnamon, a Lara Bar, and an apple with almond butter for breakfast.

Today I jogged for 1.4 miles and weight lifted for 50 minutes.

For lunch I had strawberries, a Lara Bar, and some beef.

I had kombucha, avocado, almonds, and a Lara Bar for dinner.

I had a good day and didn’t have a sugar craving.


Thursday – Day 5


Breakfast was eggs, bacon, and coffee with coconut cream.

Lunch was a Lara Bar with almond butter, and almonds.

Dinner was asparagus with steak mushrooms, a Lara Bar, and coffee with coconut cream.

I have had four headaches total since I started Whole30. Today my head ached enough for me to rest instead of workout.


Friday – Day 6


I had coffee with coconut cream, an apple with almond butter and cocao, a Lara Bar, almonds, and kombucha for breakfast.

I worked on my legs for an hour.

For lunch I had a hard boiled egg, an apple, grapes, and tea.

Dinner was a egg, sausage, and kombucha.

I loved the simple food I ate today and felt strong.


Saturday – Day 7


For breakfast I had coffee with coconut cream, a Lara Bar, eggs and bacon, a salad, and tea.

I worked out on the treadmill and jogged 0.50 miles.

Lunch consisted of kombucha, avocado, and walnuts.

I had a Lara Bar with almond butter for dinner.

I felt great completing week #3! It was a nice day.


Hope you’re enjoying my journey!  Please feel free to contact me with any comments and questions.  I love to hear from my followers.

EVERY Step & EVERY Bite Counts!™



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