whole 30 week 2


Hi Everyone!

Week two on my Whole30 Journey and I’m happy to report that things have been going well.  I feel better and better everyday and I’ve noticed an increase in my motivation and concentration.  Although a bit of a challenge . . . I’ve realized I can go out to dinner with family, friends, business associates and not miss a glass of wine or a margarita.  I’ve continued #WorkingMyBody throughout this process and have noticed I feel stronger and have more definition in my muscles and mid section. What I want to emphasis to everyone is this is “doable”, you can do this!  I’m here for you too! Just send me an email or tweet me with your questions.

Do you want to see my Whole30 Week Two food log & exercise diary? Here it is . . . Hope it motivates and inspires you!


Sunday – Day 1

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, coffee with coconut cream.

Green salad for lunch, and Lara Bar with almond butter.

Then I walked to Crystal Cove and snacked on an apple with almond butter.

For dinner, I had a couple (yes, two) Lara Bars with almond butter, walnuts, and kombucha.

It was a great day, I felt uber motivated and enjoyed the food!


Monday – Day 2

For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with asparagus, an apple with almonds, tea, and coffee with coconut cream.

I went on a 1.3 mile jog and lifted weights soon after breakfast.

Lunch consisted of a Lara Bar, almonds, a banana with almond butter, celery with almond butter, and kombucha. See, Lara Bars – and my vets – got me though this Whole30 . . .

Then for dinner, I had a spinach salmon salad with bacon, roasted pine nuts, Cherub tomatoes, with an avocado olive oil and vinegar dressing.

The sugar cravings were so much less today!


Tuesday – Day 3

I had coffee with coconut cream, a Lara Bar with almond butter, an apple, almonds, ground beef with asparagus, and an ice tea for breakfast. Can you say “h u n g r y”?

I did an hour spin class. Felt amazing.

Lunch was a Lara Bar and an apple with almond butter. Those Lara Bars . . . again

For dinner, I had an ahi salad with no cheese and no dressing.  It tasted so good.

I felt healthy and strong throughout the day!


Wednesday – Day 4

Breakfast was coffee with coconut cream and a vanilla bean and cinnamon stick, eggs with sausage, and avocado.

I weight lifted for 60 minutes and walked around the block and then along the Newport Coast (approx. four miles total)

For lunch I had a Zovs’ Salmon salad with no rice, tea, a banana with almond butter, a Lara Bar.

I had ground beef and sweet potato with bacon and carrot fries for dinner.

I noticed more definition in my shoulders and midsection.


Thursday – Day 5

Breakfast was made up of an apple with almond butter, and coffee with coconut cream.

I completed a level 7-9, 75 minute treadmill workout.

My lunch was left over ahi salad from last night, a Lara Bar with almond butter, a banana with almond butter, sweet potato with ground beef, half an avocado, tea, and kombucha. SO MUCH FOOD . . .

Dinner was a Lara Bar, a banana with almond butter topped with coconut oil and cacao nibs.

Felt strong and had more endurance working out today.


Friday – Day 6

I had coffee with coconut cream, an apple, a Lara Bar, and kombucha for breakfast.

I walked for 2 hours around the neighborhood and the beach.

For lunch I had eggs and sausage, and almond butter with cacao nibs.

Dinner was a salmon salad with tomato, walnuts, and an avocado, olive oil and vinegar dressing. The flavor of food is pronounced . . . like my taste buds are waking up.

Today was more relaxing and I enjoyed the food a lot.


Saturday – Day 7

For breakfast I had coffee with coconut cream, a Lara Bar, and almond butter with an apple.

I trained legs for 60 min.

Lunch was made up of a tuna salad with kombucha.

I had scallops and asparagus.

Felt pretty good all day. Had some sugar cravings but they were mild. I fought the cravings with the apple and coffee.


Week two down, half way though my Whole30 journey!

I know in this journey we are not alone and, I know so many Whole30 completers have experienced much of what I did . . . It’s quite an incredible experience.  Grateful to make it this far.

EVERY Step & EVERY Bite Counts!™


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