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You know the saying:  You Are What You Eat! 

We all have heard it and continue to say it ourselves, but is it true? Yes, it’s true! We actually become what we eat! On a cellular level, our cells need energy to do their jobs. The energy that we actually feed our cells (that make up our entire bodies) is the food we eat. The food we eat gets used and cells need to be replaced. What do the old cells get replaced by? The new cells made with the food (energy) we eat. We are what we eat! Literally.

It is important to watch what you eat. The things you find closest to what is available in nature are mainly the best sources of energy for our bodies. The farther we get from natural food, the less healthy it is for our bodies, our cells. The main reason for this is because our cells use our food as energy by breaking it down so they can use the minuscule pieces to do their jobs and to make cell building blocks for the replacement cells. Our cells can break down and use most of the natural food we eat, like fruits, vegetables, and meats. Unfortunately, processed foods are harder to break down, and don’t provide the necessary nutrients that natural foods do. They also can prohibit our bodies from functioning at their best, and cause harm by developing weakness and illness.

We are what we eat. If we treat our bodies well with good, wholesome, natural food, and exercise they will treat us well too. To health!

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